Secure, reliable and effective intercoms allow you to welcome your visitors and guests whilst preventing unauthorised access to your premises.

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Welcome your guests and visitors whilst insuring only the right people have access to your premises.

Reliable and secure intercom

A professionally installed intercom with a 3 year warranty for reliability and peace of mind.

Secure intercoms

Secure access from a built in PIN, fob or smart card access for residents, staff or students.

Simple intercom

A simple and reliable touch screen interface provides clear video and audio of your visitors.

Videx Intercoms

  • Videx intercom solutions range from simple and cost effective single button, single audio handset solutions up to sophisticated multi-tenant intercoms with inbuilt video and access control.
  • With their UK based technical support and decades of industry experience we are big fans of Videx systems - simple, effective and great value.

Paxton Intercoms

  • Paxton Net2 Entry is the fully integrated intercom range from the UK’s leading Access Control manufacturer.
  • Simple PoE deployment with built in Paxton proximity, Mifare or EM format fob / card reader.

Hikvision Intercoms

  • As with all their products, Hikvision intercoms offer fantastic HD video at excellent value
  • With all components deployable via PoE and calls answered via a simple and intuitive touchscreen interface, Hikvision intercoms provide a simple, elegant video based solution.