Managing and maintaining student and staff safety whilst protecting property and assets can be a challenge for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Carefully designed, cost efficient CCTV and access control has become essential in education with solutions such as school intercom systems, ID badge Access Control, student PIN entry systems and campus wide HD CCTV.

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Custom ID badges
Custom ID badges

Schools, Colleges and Universities are increasingly printing their won ID badges for staff with inbuilt smart card technology.

Smart Cards
Smart Cards

Smart ID badges can simply and effectively ensure only staff can access the right secure areas and at the rights times.

CCTV for Safeguarding

CCTV in schools has increasingly become the norm. Coverage of entrances, public areas and known trouble hot spots help Promote Positive Behaviour and maintain student Safeguarding.

IP CCTV and Access Control
Integrated security

Integrating security solutions with existing IT infrastructure can keep down costs whilst maximising the benefits from IP CCTV and Access Control.