Secondary Schools

A secondary school was experiencing an increased level of damage to their property. Their historic CCTV system was not providing adequate coverage of vulnerable areas or sufficient resolution images to identify students.

A refresh and expansion of the system with additional signage identified perpetrators and dramatically decreased the vandalism.

Modern Secondary School

Key points

  • Replace unserviceable elements to bring legacy system back on line
  • Add compatible Vista cameras to key locations
  • Migrate system to new VLAN to consolidate IT infrastructure and better manage LAN bandwidth and resources
  • New user-friendly software on client PCS

The school had a legacy networked CCTV system which was not performing at its best. It had several defunct cameras, significant ‘blind’ spots and aging recording equipment. We were able to identify new networked video recorders compatible with the existing cameras, supply new hardware and suggest new camera locations to cover noted trouble spots. User-friendly Viper Central software was installed on client PCs to enable viewing of live and recorded video by authorised members of staff. Working with the IT department, we migrated the system to a new virtual local area network (VLAN). This assisted the school in consolidating its IT infrastructure and better managing its LAN bandwidth and resources.

Customer Feedback:
‘Having the CCTV system up and running has allowed us to identify students responsible for the damage and deal with the issues quickly. As students have become more aware that the CCTV system is functioning we have seen a dramatic decrease in the vandalism’