LCET - Luton

LCET have a beautiful period building in the town centre used by a range of staff and visiting members of the public. They needed staff to have access to all areas while limiting movements of visitors to the appropriate parts of the building during events and activities. As well as understanding their specific needs, our solution had to be budget conscious.

A standalone access control system met their needs and provided excellent value.

Victorian school building

Key points

  • Paxton Compact was appropriate for the scale of the project
  • Different coloured fobs work for different privilege levels
  • Minimal cabling
  • No need for a PC or extensive administration

After listening to how LCET wanted the system to work and having completed a survey of their building, it became clear that the functionality of a PC based system was not required and the cabling involved in providing one would be costly. We recommended a stand alone solution using Paxton Compact readers which are not connected by cabling but all work with the same sets of fobs. We were able to provide two sets of differently coloured fobs, one set of which would allow access to the whole building, and one that would only access certain zones. LCET needed a complete solution with minimal input from them once they had signed off on the design. We needed to provide not only the access equipment installation but also mains electrical services. Bringing in one of our electrical partners enabled us to have all the electrical work completed at the same time as we installed our equipment minimising the installation time and allowing the system to go live quickly.

Customer Feedback:
“We decided to work with Abingdon Access as we found they really took the time to understand our needs and were very approachable when we had any questions or wanted to discuss options. The system gave us many benefits to the use of our building. The system was implemented in a very professional manner and we are really happy with the results.” Kal Budwal – Finance Director