Hanson Forterra

Forterra’s Thermalite manufacturing plant in Newbury is a large site with harsh manufacturing conditions and over 200 staff. As part of a project to improve site-wide safety and security, Forterra wanted to restrict access to certain parts of their operation to specific employees only.

A robust fob-based system allows them complete control over who can enter which zones.

Factory warehouse workers on a production line

Key Points

  • Paxton Net2 Pro can easily handle 20 doors and 200 users
  • Hardware suitable for challenging environments
  • Custom-fabricated lock solutions for unique gates
  • Connection to existing ethernet
  • Secure storage of employee data
  • Scalable for future expansion

A fob-based system based on Paxton’s Net2 platform enables administrators to restrict access to specific doors to certain employees only. We designed a solution using Net2 access control that simply connected into their existing ethernet network. To ensure that the system will provide many years of trouble free operation we have provided locks and exit buttons that are manufactured to work in external environments and withstand harsher conditions than standard products. Some of the gates we were asked to control had been manufactured in such a way that fitting an off-the-shelf locking solution was impossible. We were able to work closely with one of our engineering partners to design and fabricate custom lock housings and brackets to provide a unique solution for each gate. Flexibility and scalability to enable future expansion were also important – we are now in our fourth year of working with Hanson and are really pleased to have just completed a large expansion to their system, encompassing more of their manufacturing plant and their administration division.

Customer Feedback:
“With Abingdon Access we get good quality workmanship, attention to detail and a design that is right for us.” Andy Lamb – Hanson Building Products