Thermographic Screening

Temperature screening of employees, contractors and visitors coming to business premises is becoming increasingly popular and is a key part of staying COVID-secure.

Thermographic screening image

Key Points

  • Simple to use
  • Touch-free terminals
  • 7” screen with facial detection
  • Accurate within ±0.5℃
  • Immediate results and alerts
  • Can be integrated with existing CCTV and access control systems

Thermographic screening of staff, customers and visitors is an easy and effective way to improve COVID security. Reliable cameras designed for facial detection mean that the terminals are touch-free and can be used from a distance between 0.3 and 2m away. They can be used as standalone checkpoints with an audible and visual alert, networked in a variety of ways or integrated with existing systems. Email integration allows an alert with a still image and temperature reading to be sent to HR or management if an abnormal temperature is detected. Alternatively the terminal can be fully integrated with access control systems, allowing access for validated users only if their temperature reading is acceptable. Integration with an existing CCTV systems means that alert systems already in use can be expanded to include temperature alerts.