Local Newsmarket

A busy local shop and post office wanted to improve its security, both for staff and customers. A combination of internal and external CCTV gave excellent surveillance of all areas of the shop, and simple standalone access control secured doors for staff access only. The system was later expanded to cover a second premises used for stock and distribution.


Key points

  • External bullet cameras as visible deterrent
  • Discreet internal dome cameras
  • Secure storage for recorded data
  • Access control for staff doors

Even in a small retail premises it can be challenge to keep an eye on everything that happens. CCTV improved security for staff and customers in both the retail and Post Office areas of the shop. 5 Megapixel cameras give excellent resolution footage, enabling digital zoom on recorded events without loss of sharpness. PIN readers for staff-only doors restrict unauthorised access and keep the premises secure.

When the owners reviewed security for the distribution lock-up we were able to build on the success and ease of use of the retail solution to suggest an expansion of the system.